Myrtle Rust Science Plan

Science plan

The Myrtle Rust Strategic Science Advisory Group (SSAG) was set up by the Ministry for Primary Industries in June 2017.

SSAG members include expert scientists, iwi and government representatives.

The SSAG’s first task was to identify and prioritise immediate research needs to help combat its spread. This saw MPI commission around $3.7 million worth of research projects, due for publication later this year.

Myrtle Rust Science Plan

The SSAG released a longer-term Myrtle Rust Science Plan in July 2019. The Science Plan can be used by all New Zealanders as a guide to what science will be most valuable for the management of myrtle rust.

The science plan has been developed in consultation with more than 50 researchers, stakeholders and Māori.

Supporting the strategy

The science plan supports the New Zealand Myrtle Rust Strategy 2019-2023 and its vision to ensure the mauri of myrtle plants and dependent ecosystems is safeguarded and sustained.

Sharing the science

Registrations will open soon for the 2019 Myrtle Rust Science Symposium in Auckland, 9 and 10 September.

This event is an opportunity for everyone involved in understanding and limiting the impact of myrtle rust to discuss the latest research findings, management tools and approaches, and share insights, learnings and new initiatives.