How you can help

Recognise it

Know the symptoms of myrtle rust so you can help protect the environment.

Report it

Help us track the spread – if you find myrtle rust, take a photo and report it online.

Remove it

Follow these steps to remove a plant infected with myrtle rust.

Read about our current research

Learn about the science and research happening to better understand myrtle rust in New Zealand.

Myrtle rust risk prediction maps

Keep up to date with the effects of seasonal weather variations on the myrtle rust infection cycle.

Become a Citizen Scientist

Help us understand where myrtle rust is by participating in citizen science supported by iNaturalist.

Know what to do if you find myrtle rust

Get advice on how to manage or remove myrtle rust on your property if you find it.

Monitoring myrtle rust on native forests – study findings

Monitoring myrtle rust in native forests - first study.

Help slow the spread of myrtle rust

Reduce impacts through plant selection - advice for plant growers & buyers.