Help track the spread of myrtle rust

Susceptible myrtle plants list (pdf 477 KB)

A list of myrtle plant species confirmed to be infected with myrtle rust in Australia.

Fact sheet on myrtle rust (pdf 1.3 MB)

A printable fact sheet on myrtle rust available for reuse and reprinting.

Help track the spread of myrtle rust by becoming a Citizen Scientist

Help scientists and resource managers understand when and where myrtle rust occurs by becoming a Citizen Scientist with support from iNaturalist.

Myrtle rust online learning modules I and II

Biosecurity New Zealand has developed online training courses about myrtle rust. The courses are available to everyone but are particularly suited to those running community education events. Click here to go to Biosecurity New Zealand's site and register to get access to the course.

Guide to identifying myrtle rust (pdf 829 KB)

A guide to identifying myrtle rust for reuse and reprinting.