Help identify myrtle rust and track the spread

Fact sheet on myrtle rust (pdf 1.3 MB)

A printable fact sheet on myrtle rust available for reuse and reprinting.

Guide to identify myrtle rust (pdf 5.4 MB)

This guide describes New Zealand myrtles, myrtle rust and what to look for in your neighbourhood in order to identify myrtle rust. This guide was developed in July 2018 and current as of that date.

Leaflet (DL) on myrtle rust (pdf 420 KB)

A printable leaflet on myrtle rust for reuse and reprinting.

Poster (A2) on myrtle rust (pdf 724 KB)

A poster detailing what to do if you find myrtle rust for reuse and reprinting.

Resources for nurseries

It is strongly recommended that all nursery operators follow the guidelines available from the New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated (NZPPI) website. NZPPI provides guidance on myrtle rust protocols and resources specifically designed for nurseries to manage myrtle rust.

Information on the fungicide regime used by nurseries registered with the New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated (NZPPI) as well as a range of useful guidance is on its website.

Resources for schools

The Science Learning Hub – Pokapū Akoranga Pūtaiao links New Zealand scientists with school students, teachers and community audiences. Content is developed by teachers, teacher educators and multimedia experts working closely with New Zealand’s scientists, technologists and engineers.

Their myrtle rust page has information specifically designed for schools.

Susceptible myrtle plants list (pdf 477 KB)

A list of myrtle plants in New Zealand that are susceptible to myrtle rust.

Help track the spread of myrtle rust by becoming a Citizen Scientist

Help scientists and resource managers understand when and where myrtle rust occurs by becoming a Citizen Scientist with support from iNaturalist.

Myrtle rust online learning modules I and II

Biosecurity New Zealand has developed online training courses about myrtle rust. The courses are available to everyone but are particularly suited to those running community education events. Click here to go to Biosecurity New Zealand's site and register to get access to the course.