Myrtle Rust Science Symposium

2019 Myrtle Rust Science Symposium

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Thanks to everyone who attended the 2019 Myrtle Rust Science Symposium in Auckland, 9-10 September.

It was a great event, bringing together almost 100 attendees, including scientists, funders, Māori, the honey, plant and forestry sectors, councils and Central government to focus on solutions and actions going forward.

We discussed the latest research progress and what it means in the real world, heard what is happening on the ground to manage myrtle rust, and what those groups need from the science.

Positively, we strengthened the community of stakeholders passionate about combating myrtle rust and safeguarding Aotearoa’s precious myrtles.

No silver bullet - RNZ interview

Listen to Myrtle Rust Strategic Science Advisory Group Chair Dr Ken Hughey’s interview on RNZ Rural Report, talking about the Symposium. Ken says there’s no silver bullet to combat myrtle rust, but we are committed to finding solutions.

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Research reports

Many of our speakers presented key findings from their MPI-funded research reports. We will be publishing these reports on this website over the coming weeks.

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